21 Apr 2020 – Cisco CWS - SQL Injection Vulnerability

Jason Xie found an authenticated SQL injection vulnerability in the Cisco Cloud Web Security (CWS) web application. If exploited an attacker could extract or modify values stored in the underlying database. For further details please see the ZX Security Advisory or the Cisco security advisory.

21 Apr 2020 – VMWare vCloud API - Access Control Vulnerabilities

Jason Xie found that if you have a local organisation administrator credentials, by using the API you can create, remove or revert snapshots of vApps and VMs located in another organisation’s VDC. While you can not then access those snapshots, this could have a significant impact for the target organisation. ZX Security Advisory or the VMWare release notes.

30 Mar 2020 – RSA Archer - Multiple Issues

Ahmad Ashraff Ahmad found multiple issues in RSA Archer Suite by RSA Security. The issues when combined can be used by low privileged users into escalating into an administrator role which is then allowing them into executing arbitrary commands on the system. No workarounds exist for these issues and RSA suggests all customers upgrade at the earliest opportunity. Further details of the issues can be found in the ZX Security Advisory or the RSA documentation.

30 Mar 2020 – TelStrat Engage - Multiple Issues

David Robinson found multiple issues in TelStrat Engage, a product used for recording phone calls, typically for training and customer experience purposes. Using the issues identified, unauthenticated access to cleartext passwords in the web application is possible. Multiple attempts to contact TelStrat through various avenues were unsuccessful, at this point in time the issues remain unpatched. Further details can be found in the ZX Security Advisory.

09 Dec 2019 – Squiz Matrix CMS - Multiple issues

Stephen Shkardoon identified multiple issues in the Squiz Matrix CMS product, which could lead to a remote code execution vulnerability. ZX Security has created an advisory for these issues.

06 Mar 2019 – ASP.NET Boilerplate - Input Validation

Claudio Contin found an input validation issue with ABP 4.2. Details of the issue including a patch are available on Github here.

20 Feb 2019 – Teracue ENC-400 - Multiple Issues

Stephen Shkardoon found multiple issues in the Teracue ENC-400 hardware, including a pre-authentication remote code execution vulnerability. Further details are available here.

17 Dec 2019 – SolarWinds SERV-U - CSRF Vulnerability

Claudio Contin found that CSRF tokens are not implemented in the file upload functionality of the Secure File Transfer web client. Solarwinds provided an advisory and resolution for this issue here.

01 May 2018 – WatchGuard Access Points - Multiple issues

Stephen Shkardoon recently found multiple issues in WatchGuard Access Points which result in remote code execution. ZX Security has created an advisory for these issues.