30 Jul 2017 – NEMAsnitch

NMEAsnitch works to detect malicious NMEA serial data. This tool was first presented at Defcon 25.

18 Mar 2017 – NEMAdeysnc

While tardgps worked by changing time by manipulating GPS signals, NMEAdesync manipulates time through the NMEA serial data sent between the GPS receiver and the NTP device. This tool was first presented at BSidesCBR.

21 Nov 2016 – tardgps

Dave Robinson has continued his work into GPS Spoofing and its implications. Dave has developed a tool call tardgps which allows an attacker to change the time on a GPS-enabled NTP server without crashing the NTP daemon. This time manipulation was first presented at Kiwicon X in Wellington.

07 Jul 2016 – Steamer

Import, manage, search public dumps. Do you have massive amounts of CSV, .sql, .txt, that have credentials, passwords, and hashes inside? Use Steamer to manage them! Load them into a MongoDB database, and either use the console directly or just use the handy web interface (complete with JSON export).

07 Jul 2016 – GPS Snitch

Dave Robinson’s work on GPS spoofing has led to the development of a tool called gpsnitch which is designed to identify such attacks. Dave’s original research into this topic was presented in Melbourne at Unrestcon.