ZX Security

Social Responsibility

Find out more about how we help our staff, community and the environment

ZX Security has been built understanding how Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) can benefit a business far beyond the metric of financial success.

Staff Wellbeing

ZX Security has our staff at the centre of who we are and what we are about. Compared to our competitors in the market, our staff attrition rate has been extremely low due to our duty of care. ZX Security measures our success on the wellbeing of our staff. The bullet points below give you a flavour of our attitude:
  • Unlimited Wellbeing Leave: ZX Security understands sickness is not just physical, it can also be psychological. Our unlimited wellbeing leave is a commitment to our team to ensure we are here for them when times get tough. This also helps parents take care of their kids.
  • Flexible working hours and location: At ZX Security we understand that staff have families and other key responsibilities, flexible hours help with this. Our flexible work location policy allows staff to work from home or other areas without stress.
  • EAP Services: ZX Security cares about mental wellbeing and other private matters. EAP Services are a great avenue for staff to seek independent help.
  • Professional development plans: ZX Security understands that progression and personal growth is a large part of staff wellbeing. We have robust internal processes to ensure growth is supported and encouraged.
  • Salary: ZX Security pays its employees inline with industry rates. Our average salary increase is 12% per annum.
  • Bonus: Akin to a company dividend, ZX Security shares the financial success of our combined effort with staff. This profit share is distributed every 6 months.
  • Training Budget: $3,000 per staff member per annum
  • Wellbeing Allowance:$500 per annum
  • Independent audits: ZX Security contracts external independent wellbeing auditors to confidentially interview staff every two years to assess wellbeing, motivation, management, and the overall company. The findings from the audit are then turned into actions as part of our operational strategy for the following financial year.


ZX Security is built on diversity and inclusion. The vocabulary and phrasing within our recruitment adverts are assessed to ensure the adverts are welcoming and inclusive, removing historic biases that cater to a certain subset of the IT industry. Our interview process has several stages that involve our diverse staff.

Industry Participation

ZX Security has a high involvement and investment within the IT Sector, STEM university and education sectors. In this area, ZX Security is guided by the economic principle of creating shared value. ZX Security understands that investing in our society, further benefits our society, which further benefits and sustains ZX Security.


ZX Security has formed a Green Team that meet as a group regularly to discuss ZX Security’s current and future green initiatives. For more information on the Green Team please refer to their page.


ZX Security has many clients that fall under our social responsibility bracket. A large subset of these are government entities (50+). ZX Security invests a large portion of our staffing resources to ensure New Zealand is safe from cyber threats.

Human Rights Advocacy

ZX Security maintains a register of countries and clients that our staff will not work for.

Industry Partners

ZX Security has a high interest in supporting other local businesses. We maintain a wide partner network and focus on local Kiwi partnerships. For further information please refer to our Partners page.


ZX Security has a considerable budget ($30,000) to sponsor events in New Zealand to see a net benefit to our society. One of the main national conferences we are always proud to be a platinum sponsor for is the Women in Tech Conference (WITCON).

Additional Initiatives

ZX Security has an initiative called Hacking for heroes that donates $62,500 (250 hours) of our testing time (per annum) to NZ not-for-profits, with the goal of helping them to increase their security posture and raise the awareness among their staff and volunteers.