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Green Team May Beach Clean Up

This past May the ZX Green Team went out on a mission to tidy up local shores.

Authored by Eva Knotkova

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Beach Clean-Up Day

This past May ZX’s Green Team got kitted up in their winter coats for a rubbish cleanup day at Titahi Bay beach and Porirua inlet. The idea came up during one of our regular Green Team meetings where we brainstorm new environmental initiatives to make ZX Security more sustainable, focusing on how we can make a positive impact on the community we live in.

The day started with ZX’s traditional Friday team breakfast at the local T Bay Cafe and followed on with rubbish collection. We spent a couple of hours at each site and collected an array of peculiar finds at the beach, Porirua inlet, and surrounding pathways. These included a tyre, shoes, togs, cans, beer bottles, old fishing nets, and plastic toy dinosaurs - to name just a few.

The plan is for the Green Team to hold similar events throughout the year, contributing to ZX Security’s overall strategy of being a more environmentally friendly business.

What is the Green Team?

ZX Security established the Green Team to make ZX a more environmentally responsible and sustainable company. As we began our work, we realised that the scope of activities ahead of us could be enormous. We found that it is difficult to gain traction on ideas when they are not tied back to a requirement that can be measured quantifiably. Learning from this, the Green Team strives to include quantitative measures when planning initiatives, ensuring we look for a way to measure what we are doing. For example, adding plants to an office has qualitative benefits and also incorporates the quantitative aspect of measuring CO₂ quantities in the office.