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ZX Hosts 10 Brandon Street Green Team meeting

Last month ZX hosted the 10 Brandon Street Green Team meeting, bringing together Green Teams from other companies in our building to share sustainability ideas.

Authored by Mariana Goes

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10 Brandon Street Green Team

Last month, ZX hosted the 10 Brandon Street Green Team Meeting, an inspiring and friendly gathering dedicated to fostering a greener future. During this event, participants engaged in insightful discussions, shared innovative ideas, and collaborated on driving sustainability initiatives both within our lives and workplace.

One of the key ideas that emerged from our discussions was the importance of supporting and encouraging cyclists in our building. By providing better infrastructure and resources, we can promote a greener commuting option and contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. Additionally, the use of car-sharing services was highlighted as an effective means to further decrease transportation emissions and enhance sustainability.

Another significant aspect of our conversations centered around promoting the use of local brands and products. By shifting our preferences towards locally sourced options, we can bolster our support for the local economy while reducing the environmental impact associated with long-distance transportation.

In line with our commitment to environmental conservation, we explored collaboration opportunities with tree planting volunteering organizations. By actively participating in such initiatives, we can contribute to the preservation of our natural resources and create a positive impact on our surroundings.

The 10 Brandon Street Green Team Meeting exemplified our shared dedication to sustainable practices. It showcased the power of collaboration, innovative thinking, and collective action in shaping a greener future for ourselves and the community.

We extend our gratitude to all participants for their valuable contributions and enthusiasm. Together, we will continue to drive positive change and create a more sustainable world.

Stay tuned for future updates and opportunities to get involved as we work towards a greener ZX Office and beyond.

What is the Green Team?

ZX Security established the Green Team to make ZX a more environmentally responsible and sustainable company. As we began our work, we realised that the scope of activities ahead of us could be enormous. We found that it is difficult to gain traction on ideas when they are not tied back to a requirement that can be measured quantifiably. Learning from this, the Green Team strives to include quantitative measures when planning initiatives, ensuring we look for a way to measure what we are doing. For example, adding plants to an office has qualitative benefits and also incorporates the quantitative aspect of measuring CO₂ quantities in the office.