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The ZX Security virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCSIO) offering is unique in the marketplace. We differentiate ourselves from the competitors in a number of ways:

  • Our vCISO team has been there and done that. They come from operational backgrounds and have worked their way through the industry to become technical and business leaders.
  • They can accurately gauge how much effort is involved to complete a task based on their own experience.
  • We provide guidance based on our experience with major NZ and international customers. The team has experience with a wide range of business sizes and industry sectors, from two up to 150,000 seat companies, across government, health, energy and technology sectors.
  • You are not just getting one person when you sign-up for the vCISO offering, you are receiving access to the whole ZX Security consultancy team.
  • We will not write pages and pages of policy documentation that you will never read. We will produce a clear, concise plan that will assist you in meeting your security objectives.

We provide a wide array of services under the vCISO banner that will be of use to your business depending on where you are in your security journey. We will work with you to identify a manageable number of activities that, once implemented, will improve information security within your business.

If you are looking at moving/upgrading systems or migrating them to the cloud this may be an opportune time to engage with ZX Security.

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