Services - Solution Design Review & NZISM Alignment


ZX Security has 30+ years combined experience building systems that implement security controls for our clients. This knowledge allows us to identify shortcomings in customer designs and highlight these issues before the solution moves to implementation phase, saving our clients time and re-design effort.
We provide our customers with assurance that a design has been reviewed from an information security perspective and that any identified security issues have been appropriately highlighted.
We also have a breadth of knowledge in understanding the NZISM and the underling controls that need to be implemented for the differing information security classifications. At the conclusion of an engagement we present the client with a detailed report. This report presents the identified security issues in an easily digestible format with a focus on the risk and impact to the business of a particular vulnerability being realised.

Example Engagements

Typical engagements we have undertaken in this space include:
- Telecommunications as a Service (TaaS) Design Review and NZISM Alignment
- Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Design Review and NZISM Alignment
- Big Data Analytics Platform Security Review and NZISM Alignment
- Email Security Solution Design Review
- Web Proxy Solution Design Review