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16 November 2018 Kiwicon 2038 Wellington, NZ Kiwicon 2038 - Ghosts in the Browser Claudio presented Ghosts in the Browser: Backdooring with service workers
9 July 2018 Bay of Plenty SIG 2018 Tauranga, NZ Simon presented his research into the manipulation of the US election
19-20 May 2018 Tuskcon 2018 Sunshine Coast, AU Tuskcon - ADSB SDR Workshop David presented a workshop on ADS-B receiving and broadcasting with an SDR
10-12 April 2018 ACSC 2018 Canberra, AU Simon presented his research into the manipulation of the US election
15-16 April 2018 BSides San Francisco 2018 San Francisco, USA Claudio presented his research into fuzzing Ruby Gems
19-21 March 2018 SyScan360 Singapore 2018 Singapore Simon, Dave and Lachlan ran our advanced OSINT course and attended the conference
23-24 November 2017 BSides Wellington 2017 Wellington, NZ BSides Wellington - Influencing Meat Puppets Simon keynoted BSides (day 2) with his talk - Influencing Meat Puppets through Memes
26-28 October 2017 CHCCon 2017 Christchurch, NZ ChCon - 2FA War Stories Dave presented on 2FA implementation war stories
26 September 2017 Wellington Financial Services SIG Wellington, NZ Simon delivered an information security awareness presentation
27-30 July 2017 Defcon 25 Las Vegas, USA BSides Canberra - Practical GPS Spoofing Dave presented his research into using GPS spoofing to control time
20 April 2017 OWASP NZ 2017 Auckland, NZ ZX Security sponsored OWASP New Zealand Day 2017
6-7 May 2017 WAHCKon V Perth, AU Hugh and Stephen from ZX Security presented at and sponsored WAHCKon V
14-16 March 2017 ACSC 2017 Canberra, AU Simon Howard presented on the Future of Open Source Intelligence
17-18 March 2017 BSides Canberra Canberra, AU BSides Canberra - Practical GPS Spoofing David Robinson presented an updated version of his GPS spoofing presentation
17-18 November 2016 Kiwicon X Wellington, NZ Kiwicon 2016 - Lets Do The Time Warp Again David Robinson presented his research into GPS spoofing and replaying TOTP tokens
20 September 2016 ASIS Wellington, NZ Advances in Open Source Intelligence Gathering
14-15 July 2016 NZ Cyber Security Challenge 2016 Hamilton, NZ ZX Security is sponsored and ran a workshop at the Cyber Security Challenge
1-2 July 2016 Unrestcon Melbourne, AU Unrestcon 2016 - GPS Spoofing David Robinson presented on practical GPS spoofing attacks and their implications
Unrestcon 2016 - Vechile Tracking Lachlan Temple presented his research into vehicle tracking
Unrestcon 2016 - Badass Cyborgs Stephen Shkardoon educated the crowd on how to be a badass cyborg
10 May 2016 Technology and Privacy Forum Wellington, NZ ZX Security presented on the current state of play with regard to Ransomware
5 May 2016 ConnectSmart Cyber Security Summit Auckland, NZ ZX Security attended the DPMC's inaugural Cyber Security Summit
30 April-1 May 2016 WAHCKon['3"} Perth, AU Lachlan Temple from ZX Security presented his research into vehicle tracking
22 April 2016 WeTest Meetup Wellington, NZ David Robinson discussed how to inject security into your testing practice
23-24 March 2016 SyScan360 Singapore 2016 Singapore Simon and Dave ran our advanced OSINT course and attending the conference
10-11 December 2015 Kiwicon 9 Wellington, NZ Lachlan Temple presented on aftermarket vechile tracking systems
Dave and Simon also ran the companies advanced OSINT training course